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Compassion, Integrity, and Quality (CIQ)

AKIA Inspirations began with my use of handcrafted selfcare products for more than 20 years. Over these years, new products have been added based on family and friend’s needs.

Our products are developed with my loved ones and you in mind to support a healthy, active, stable lifestyle. With encouragement from family and friends, I decided to share my products with others. What better way than to do this than to start a company dedicated to helping others by offering my reasonably priced all-natural plant-based products. The name AKIA Inspirations was chosen in reverence to my biggest fans, my grandchildren, Adia, Kirabo, Ilika and Ajamu.


AKIA Inspirations’ body care products, proprietary blends of essential oils, and essential oil emotional wellness kits complete our line of products developed to provide head-to-toe relief and relaxation. After understanding the important role Cannabinoids play in our health, wellness products were introduced to the product line with the addition of pain management products containing Full Spectrum CBD to compliment those that did not. We use a single sourced certified organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil that is grown in the USA (Colorado). Our essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade oils. Our carrier oils purity is achieved via the cold pressed process.


We are compassionate about our products and will maintain the integrity when offering products. Since our products have not been individually subject to clinical trial studies, we recognize that individual results can vary, however our products will always be consistent and of the highest quality.

I invite you to browse this website and to try our products and share your experiences.

Dr. Janice B Wilson, PhD

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